Uniq Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition focuses on finding the right way for YOU to eat. At Uniq FN we take an individualized approach to “healthy” eating because women differ in their food preferences, nutrient needs, life stages, exercise habits, stress management techniques, genetics, and sleep habits.

The foods you choose can influence your chances of developing chronic diseases. Various symptoms may arise when your body is out of balance, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), skin disorders, infertility, migraines, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, etc. However, you can achieve optimal health through proper nutrition. Food truly is medicine!

Women’s Health Focus:

  • Nourishing the whole body for optimal health & vitality throughout a woman’s lifecycle:  clean eating, optimal health, meal planning, special diets, weight loss, digestive issues, macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) & micronutrient (vitamin/mineral) imbalances, hormone imbalances, infertility.
  • Supporting a healthy pregnancy while minimizing side effects, such as heartburn, nausea, constipation, and blood sugar imbalances.
  • Postpartum weight loss and breastfeeding challenges (over/under milk supply, adequate intake, optimal nutrition).

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Functional Nutrition Assessment

Step One…We begin with a comprehensive assessment: health history/lifestyle, anthropometrics, nutrition-focused physical exam, diet/food habits and supporting lab data. You will leave with a plan based on your personal goals that may include recommendations for further lab work, food sensitivity testing, genetic testing, supplements, nutrition guidelines, etc., as well as follow-up visits.

75 mins. $150 (member rate $127.50)

3-Session Nutrition Package

Functional Nutrition Assessment (75 min) + 2 Nutrition Follow-ups (45 min each): $310 (save $20) (member rate $263.50)

5-Session Nutrition Package

Functional Nutrition Assessment (75 min) + 4 Nutrition Follow-ups (45 min each): $475 (save $35) (member rate $403.75)

7-Session Nutrition Package

Functional Nutrition Assessment (75 min) + 6 Nutrition Follow-ups (45 min each): $640 (save $50) (member rate $544)

Add-On Services:

*These lab tests are available with the purchase of a Package and are meant to further personalize your nutrition recommendations. Heather can help you decide which one(s) will be the most beneficial.

Micronutrient Testing – Optimize your micronutrient status. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be associated with: osteoporosis, PMS, HRT, menopause, breast cancer, pregnancy, infertility, etc.

Nutrigenomix Testing – Learn how your DNA influences your weight, body composition, nutrient metabolism, cardiometabolic health, eating habits, fitness, performance, injury risk & fertility. Available 45-gene test panels: Health & Wellness, Athletic Performance, and Fertility.

Food Sensitivity Testing – Uncover food sensitivities/intolerances and eliminate inflammatory foods (available with a 5-Session or 7-Session Package only).

Grocery Store Tour – Take a tour of your favorite grocery store to find the best food choices for you/your family.

About Heather Lujan

Heather completed a rigorous, science-based curriculum and supervised practice to achieve her MS in clinical nutrition from The University of Pittsburgh and holds the RDN credential as a registered dietitian nutritionist. She then enrolled in the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy™ to further specialize in functional nutrition. She is also a Certified LEAP Therapist, helping clients eliminate inflammation caused by food sensitivities and intolerances. She received an AS in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University (Denver) after receiving a BA in business management from Virginia Wesleyan College. She is the owner of Uniq Functional Nutrition, LLC where prevention is the focus and food is key. She resides in Denver with her husband and three daughters.

Learn more on the Uniq Functional Nutrition website