Body Ally Personal Training and Yoga

A combination of education, experience and passion for healing and health is what sets Body Ally personal training apart. We believe that physical fitness doesn’t come solely from your workouts. It comes from how you move through each part of every day. To ensure long-term results, we give you an exercise program that is based on functional training and assessment of the movements your body makes in all your daily activities.

Different from traditional personal training, we offer a program where you can learn what your body needs and then return when you are ready to measure your results and learn the next steps. Come once or twice a month, or we can be here for you every week if you prefer.
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Functional Training Sessions

Our functional training sessions include the necessary movement and posture assessments to determine what exercises and stretches will have your body performing its best. You set the goals and we’ll support you the whole way there. Here, exercise is combined with education to guide you in your own self-care. Each 60-minute session will include a written workout that you can do on your own. $75

Prenatal Training

Exercise during pregnancy is good for you AND your baby. With benefits extending through your pregnancy, delivery and into postpartum recovery. Each workout will be designed to meet the needs of your changing body through functional exercise, Yoga and Pilates, with a strong focus on your core and pelvic floor. Each 60-minute session will include a written workout that you can do on your own. $75

Postnatal Training Sessions

Whether you are healing from a recent birth or feeling ready to be challenged by a total body exercise routine, we are ready with safe and effective workouts that meet your body’s current needs. These sessions bring strength back to your core and pelvic floor, including exercises that help heal a diastasis recti. We also address the repetitive movements and postures you experience as mom to a new baby. Each 60-minute session will include a written workout that you can do on your own. $75

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga supports your body, mind and spirit during this amazing time of transformation. These sessions are designed to give you tools for a more comfortable pregnancy and easier labor and delivery. Some of the main areas of focus include strengthening, opening, minimizing diastasis recti, restoration, bonding with baby and exhale-breathing for labor. 60-minute session. $75

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga sessions focus on the needs of the new-mommy body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps you return to exercise at a healthy pace while honoring your body’s capabilities. Some of the main areas of focus include strengthening, drawing-in, modifying for diastasis recti, restoration and connection with your new self. 60-minute session. $75

Mom & Baby Yoga


Bring your little one for a fun bonding experience while gaining the benefits of Yoga for your postnatal body. These sessions include postures that aid in baby’s digestion, sleep, brain development and more. Plus, postures to aid your body in healing and strengthening. Suggested for pre-walkers. $75

About Brooke Lewis

Brooke graduated the University of Colorado Boulder with a business degree in 2000. Since 2005 Brooke has obtained certifications in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Science, Weight Management, Prenatal Exercise, Diastasis Rehab, Yoga Teacher training followed by Prenatal Yoga Teacher training and recently Functional Movement Screen Level 2 CFMS. She is the founder and owner of Body Ally where she offers Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga to assist women in reaching their physical and emotional goals through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. Brooke is married and has two little boys who rock her world.

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