PEMF Mat Therapy

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy, commonly known as PEMF, is energy medicine modeled after the earth’s own electromagnetic pulse field. PEMF Therapy, gradually enhances the self-healing capacity of the body by introducing a low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic field that stimulates micro-capillary production in the body enhancing circulation, oxygenation and hydration, greatly increasing the body’s cellular ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins.

Electromagnetic technology is readily used in modern medical practice to measure brain waves with Electroencephalogram (EEG) and cardiac waves through Electrocardiogram (ECG); when a person goes into cardiac arrest a defibrillator is used to deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the heart to restart it.

PEMF technology stemmed from radio frequency (RF) diathermy, a moving — or resonating — magnetic field can create currents without heating and thus directly alter cellular signaling. It has been firmly established that tissues including blood, muscle, ligaments, bone and cartilage respond to biophysical input, including electrical and electromagnetic fields. New studies show that with the proper field intensity and frequency, treatment with PEMF appears to be disease-modifying.

In 2004, a PEMF system was approved by the FDA as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery in patients at high risk for non-fusion; since then the FDA reclassified PEMF devices from the Class 3 category to a Class 2 status.


There are no established side effects of PEMF therapy. PEMF facilitates toxin removal in the body, therefore hydration (minimum 20oz of pure water) is highly recommended immediately prior to and following each PEMF therapy session.  PEMF therapy is approved to fuse bones and has been cleared in certain devices to reduce swelling and joint pain; PEMF has been extensively researched and is an evidence-based therapy. Read about it in PubMed:

PEMF is widely used for: Acute pain, chronic pain, post injury or surgery, sprains, muscle strains, wound healing, nerve pain or damage, poor circulation, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Crohn’s, IBS, Colitis, Depression, Arthritis, skin irritations and rashes, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and much more.


Although there are no absolute contraindications or side effects of PEMF therapy, it is recommended not to use PEMF if you are:

  • Acutely dehydrated
  • Pregnant
  • Severely swollen (chronically hypertensive)
  • Have epilepsy or seizures
  • Have a pacemaker, defibrillator or implanted chip
Receive 2 free PEMF Mat sessions each month and a $10 flat fee for additional sessions with our HFC Membership program.

Using PEMF

PEMF is an effective therapy on its own, but is also effective before and following any treatment including acupuncture, bodywork or counseling session; PEMF is most effective when used before fitness sessions such as pilates, personal training or yoga.

PEMF sessions vary from 8 minutes to 16 minutes maximum for your first session; up to 35-minutes following. This clothes on session is received in tranquility, laying face-up on the PEMF mat with pillows to support your head, neck and low back.

PEMF can also be delivered through a PEMF Pillow or Probe where more precise application is needed.

All metals such as jewelry, watch, cell phone (any electronic devices), coins, wallets containing bank cards are removed; keeping magnetic cards (e.g. credit cards) at a distance of at least 3ft from the mat to avoid damage of the data on the magnetic strip.

Each person uniquely responds to PEMF therapy depending on age, diet, lifestyle, general health condition as well as other unknown factors. A sensation of warmth can be experienced during PEMF treatments, this would be normal and is not recognized as a contra indication for treatment.

PEMF Mat Prices:

Non-Member RateMember Rate
Individual Session$15$10 flat rate
8 Session Package$104 ($13/session)$10 flat rate
Individual Unlimited

Household Unlimited



$10 flat rate