Vital Living

Health & Vitality

In all life stages we find barriers to building health and vitality. Work, travel, fitness plateau, illness, injury and aging can cause or contribute to prolonged periods of pain and upset in the body. Making time to build strength and vitality is the alternative to making time for pain and disease. Achieving and maintaining good health is intentional and requires teamwork.

Whether maintaining, restoring, enhancing or beginning the pursuit of health and vitality, we are here to help. Enjoy services individually or experience the exceptional results and benefits that come from combining multiple modalities. Our practitioners collaborate on each individual to provide comprehensive and cohesive care.

Enjoy any of the following services individually or use them together for more comprehensive care. Receive up to 15% off these services with an HFC Membership.

Read more about all of our services aimed at increasing your health and vitality:

Acupuncture  – for stress reduction, muscle pain, musculosketal imbalances, digestive, weight-loss, headaches.

Clinical Massage for targeted pain and tension relief, deep tissue flushing, releasing muscle and fascia restrictions, opening joint capsules, increasing range of motion and mobility .

Diastasis Recti Rehab – Heal an abdominal separation and get the core support needed for better function and reduced pain

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Nutritional Support 

Osteopathic Manual Treatment and Integrative Medicine  –  helping patients more deeply feel their own innate capacity for fluidity, resilience and health, and to explore strategies for maintaining this reference point throughout life.

Personal Training and Yoga – Exercises for optimal function in the activities you enjoy, strength and mobility for long-term health



We offer a continuum of support for all life stages. Read more about Pregnancy, Postpartum and Family centered services offered at HFC.