Harmony’s Family Cooperative is an autonomous community of women’s health and fitness practices working together to provide health-conscious women in all life stages with high quality, collaborative care and an empowering educational experience – under one roof.

Harmony’s Family Businesses:

Athey Pilates

Pilates, utilizing all the traditional and modern equipment with a continuum of mindful movement, working the body from the inside out and from head to toe. Let us inspire, teach and support you to reach your goals.



Partners In Diastasis Rehabilitation (PIDR)                                                                                                                                          
Diastasis Recti rehabilitation and core strengthening through an evidence-based approach including exercise, movement modifications and education to return the body to its optimal function.


Shana Rose – Your 365 Food Coach                                                          

Nutritional Coaching that considers real life factors to determine how an anti-inflammatory food plan can be an important part of your overall well-being.


Vitality Integrated Therapy

The best elements of physical therapy with the latest research in neuroscience to restore clients to a full, active, pain-free life.


Women’s Integrative Massage

Clinical massage dedicated to women-specific conditions including, pregnancy; high-risk pregnancy and postpartum.

Our Story

Established in 1995 we were born out of an expertise and love for supporting women during the reproductive years; we’ve since evolved into Denver’s only Women’s Health Cooperative specializing in women-centered health, pre and postnatal pain, rehabilitation, fitness, new & growing family services and education.  We proudly remain a trusted referral source for women’s health providers, friends, family and neighbors for over two decades.

Harmony’s Family Cooperative: by, with and for women. Our Women’s Health Cooperative is voluntarily united BY our passion for serving women. WITH common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations in mind and heart, and through a strong desire to enhance quality of life, quality of care, continuity, convenience and accessibility FOR women who seek our services and referring sources alike.

We are a family-friendly environment. Partners, spouses and children are always welcome, and where applicable are also treated. Our massage clinic however remains the only area within our community that is exclusively by and for women.


We are a trusted resource within the community that provides a function-focused, comprehensive health and wellness experience for women and their families – under one roof.  Our team of service providers will welcome all who enter; inspire, educate, support and provide guidance in self-care for years to come.   We are committed to playing an active role in research to continue to evolve and extend the standard practice of care for women in all life stages.