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Diastasis Rehab Seminars

Attending this small-group seminar is a great way to start your diastasis rehab with some hands-on instruction. This is a one-time 3-hour event that will teach you about the factors that are important in healing your diastasis and give you the tools to begin your diastasis rehab right away.

The diastasis recti rehab seminar is for anyone with a diastasis. This seminar will cover:

  • What a diastasis recti is and how it is affecting your body
  • The Do’s and Don’ts when trying to heal a diastasis
  • The 4 steps of the Tupler Technique®

– Practice the exercises with instructor assistance, followed by Q&A

-Measurements and fitting of the Diastasis Rehab splint (splint included)

-Instruction on using your transverse abdominis to protect the connective tissue

-Instruction and practice of getting up and down properly

  • How to incorporate the technique into your daily activities, including exercise
  • How to keep your diastasis closed
  • Diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Proper body alignment
  • Instruction on exhale pushing and optimal labor positions for those who are pregnant

We w​ill conclude the seminar with a short diastasis-safe workout that you can do at home. So dress comfortably!


$165, includes the Tupler Technique® guidebook and the Diastasis Rehab® splint ($65 value).

Bring a friend and you both receive a $25 discount!

Our next seminar is Saturday, October 21st from 9:30a-12:30pm. To register please fill out the form below.

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    Bring a friend to a seminar and you both get a $25 discount!