Family Focused

Harmony’s Family is women-centered and family-friendly. We know that a healthy woman is the foundation of a healthy family. And we are here to be a partner in health for both. We strive to maintain an environment that is kid-friendly, offering services where women can bring their children along. We also serve spouses and partnerships and treat husbands and fathers in many areas of our community. Ask our practitioners about setting up a duet treatment where couples can enjoy healing time together!

Working under the same roof allows HFC practitioners to collaborate with each other in order to provide comprehensive and cohesive care that supports the whole family. And if we see a need for a service we don’t provide, we have an extensive network of local and talented practitioners who routinely work with us as an extension of our care.

Enjoy any of the following services individually or use them together for more comprehensive care. Receive up to 15% off these services with an HFC Membership.

Read more about all of our family-focused services:

Fertility support through acupuncture.

Bringing Baby Massage for fluid flushing, muscle recovery, relieving stress, this session is a safe and nurturing outing for Mom and baby.

Duet sessions with any practitioner

Osteopathic Manual Treatment and Integrative Medicine  – address the root causes of issues related to infant fussiness, sleeplessness, digestive issues/colic, reflux, difficulty latching, poorly coordinating swallowing, tongue or lip ties, plagiocephaly, torticollis, shoulder dystocia, ear infections, and others. Also children and adults experiencing growing pains, chronic pains, orthodontia, headaches, sinusitis, bruxism, anxiety, depression or any source of trauma.

We offer a continuum of support for all life stages, read more about Pregnancy, Postpartum and Vital Living  services offered at HFC.