Postpartum Care

Your body experiences significant changes and challenges from pregnancy, labor and delivery. At Harmony’s Family we believe passionately in the importance of taking care of new moms. Often times it is expected, even celebrated, for a woman to bounce back to her old self and lifestyle immediately after having a baby. In reality, it is imperative that a new mom have a support network to help her recover from childbirth and mindfully enter into motherhood.

We support new mothers with a variety of services designed to accommodate your current schedule, body and mental state. Spouses and partners are also supported during this time of transition. Visit the Family page to learn more about those services.

Enjoy any of the following services individually or use them together for more comprehensive postnatal care. Receive up to 15% off these services with an HFC membership. 

Read more about all of our postpartum services:

Bringing Baby Massage – for fluid flushing, muscle recovery, relieving stress, this session is a safe and nurturing outing for Mom and baby.

Diastasis Recti Rehab and Core Strengthening  – for healing of the abdominal separation, core strengthening and preparing your body to return to the activities you love.

Osteopathic Manual Treatment  for identification and treatment of exaggerated structural asymmetries before the return of normal connective tissue tone makes working with the affected areas more difficult.

PEMF mat – for insomnia, fluid and toxin flushing, cesarean recovery, muscle and joint pain, breastmilk production (in conjunction with acupuncture)

Postpartum Massage – for targeted pain and tension relief, deep tissue flushing, lymphatic channeling, muscle recovery, peace and quiet

Postpartum Pilates  –  listening, supporting, evaluating to safely encourage core strength and giving your body the support it needs for the physical demands of motherhood.


We offer a continuum of support beyond postpartum, read more about Pregnancy, Vital Living or Family centered services offered at HFC.