Prenatal Care

Harmony’s Family was born out of a love for supporting women during the reproductive years and has been a trusted referral source for prenatal health professionals, friends, neighbors and families alike for over 20 years. Our community of highly-trained practitioners work together and with Moms to resolve pregnancy pain and nutritional challenges, increase mobility and strength, and educate, support and prepare Mom for birth and all that follows.

Spouses and partners also need support during this time! Visit our Family page to learn more about those services.

Read more about all of our prenatal services:

Birth Doula for continuous hands-on support and education during labor, birth and the immediate post-birth period.

Diastasis Recti Rehab  – Tools to keep the abdominal separation small, or heal an existing diastasis recti, for core strength and support. As well as exercises to help prepare you for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy & High Risk Pregnancy Massagefor targeting pain, releasing tension, flushing fluids, increasing circulation, relieving stress, increasing labor and birth awareness.

Prenatal Pilates  –  we take great care to ensure your safety and with each trimester, modifications will be given to support you and your changing body.




We offer a continuum of support beyond pregnancy, read more about Postpartum, Vital Living, or Family centered services offered at HFC.