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 Women’s Integrative Massage

Specializing in pregnancy and women’s health we’ve been working to improve childbirth outcomes, resolve pain and liberate movement in women’s bodies since 1995.

Our practice was born out of a love for supporting women during the reproductive years.  Decades of hands-on pregnancy massage experience and training allow us to identify and relieve strain patterns that cause pain and obstruct normal physiological childbirth. While prenatal massage remains our specialty today, our clinic passionately assesses and addresses patterns of use and tension that are specific to women whether they are chasing a career, increasing fitness, growing a family, restoring/maintaining health, rocking menopause or beyond.

Massage and Bodywork Services

UPDATE- Mandated Closure

Re: COVID-19, the coronavirus

On March 19, 2020 Governor Polis implemented a Public Health Order mandating those with a massage therapy license to stop practicing. Sadly, the mandate does not differentiate clinical, medical massage practices from massage services offered at “spas and parlors”. The need for updating distinction and outdated massage terms aside, this is incredibly frustrating! This said, we also understand that it’s the right thing to do in order to minimize or prevent the spread of this virus while more is learned about who is and is not infected. Therefore, all massage appointments through April 6, 2020 have been canceled.

Doula on Call: 24/7 advice for couples in early labor at home or in need of re-positioning advise while laboring in the hospital 720.908.0491 (no charge, donation appreciated)

 Massage Alternatives

As you can imagine it is very difficult for us to cancel healthy clients during this time, especially pregnant women who are struggling with pain!  Please use the following direct email contacts or numbers for advice or appointments:

  • Physical Therapy: Terri Nishimoto PT, CLT, PRPC ZenshinPT@gmail.com (advice, appointments)
  • Clinical Massage: Regina Rodriguez LMT, BD, Childbirth Educator, Diastasis Rehab, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Regina@wimdenver, office@wimdenver, 720.908.0491 (advice & instruction)
  • Diastasis Rehabilitation: Brooke Lewis Brooke@PIDR.net (virtual appointments)
  • Chiropractic: Lauren Love, DC, Webster Technique drlaurenlove@gmail.com (advice, limited appointments)

It brings us great joy to support you in maintaining and growing your health! We will continue to update this page as guidelines and orders change. During this pandemic Christa will remain on maternity leave until it’s no longer a danger to little Quinn.

Regina will use the next two weeks of isolation to provide advice and instruction for general persistent muscle tension, muscle spasm and pain as well as on-call labor advice and virtual utero-pelvic balancing and breech release instruction. Virtual and online labor tool classes coming soon to Vagaro booking services.

We believe a women’s health is central to the function of the whole family (*a founding principal of HFC)

While we appreciate the willingness of our clients to see us during this time, your safety is our top priority!  We would like to reward your commitment to maintaining health during this time, with our time! If it makes sense in your budget to pre-purchase a clinical, prenatal or postnatal massage service now, to use at a later date, you will receive priority booking and an additional 15-minutes of service! This time will be added to the length of each session you purchase at no charge. Below is a chart of fees for individual sessions as well as packages of three (3).  To pre-purchase you must buy yourself a gift certificate at https://harmonysfamily.com/services/gift-certificates/ simply enter an amount (not a service) and use your name in the To and From sections.

Fees for clinical/prenatal/postpartum massage:

  • Single 60-min massage $90
  • Package of three (3) $270


  • Single 75-min massage $110
  • Package of three (3) $330


  • Single 90-min massage $120
  • Package of three (3) $360

Thank you for caring for our community and your health! We look forward to working on your body again soon.  Until that time comes stay well, stay connected and stay positive!

With love and gratitude,

Regina & Christa


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About Regina Rodriguez, LMT, CKTP, CFST, DRA rehab, LD

Regina owns Women’s Integrative Massage, she is the founder and creative director of Harmony’s Family Cooperative and co-owner of Partners In Diastasis Rehabilitation.

Regina was lucky enough to have studied in a program that focused her massage training specifically on the art of healing women through clinical therapeutic massage; she graduated the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 1994 with 1100+ hours of clinical massage therapy training. Since 1994, Regina has acquired training, licensing and certifications in childbirth education; birth doula; breastfeeding education; postpartum doula; clinical hypnosis; kinesio taping (CKTP); lymphatic channeling, diastasis recti rehab and fascial stretch therapy (CFST). Regina enjoys cooking and sharing meals, moving to music with friends, exploring nature and all manner of growing and connecting with her immediate and extended tribes.

About Christa Pfeiffer, LMT

Having been surrounded by healers her entire life Christa chose clinical massage as her life’s work, attending the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver and graduating with more than 1000 hours of combined training and clinical practice. Today Christa focuses her techniques on deep tissue, reflexology, and neuromuscular therapies. As a part of the Women’s Integrative Massage team Christa has found a passion in helping women resolve pain throughout their many life stages. Christa loves meeting women where they are in life, bringing her massage techniques into the clinical massage setting where she can support their bodies in finding strength and health. Christa enjoys expanding her knowledge of earth-based resources including anything apothecary. She loves cooking, caring for her chicken coop, traveling and experiencing nature.