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Regina Rodriguez: Clinical Massage, Breech Release, Uteropelvic Balancing, Female Core Recovery

Regina graduated the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 1994 with 1100+ hours of clinical massage therapy training. Since 1994, Regina has acquired training, licensing and certifications in childbirth education (1998); birth doula (1994); breastfeeding education (2005); postpartum doula (1996); clinical hypnosis (2002); kinesio taping (CKTP 2012); lymphatic channeling (1994) and diastasis rehab (2014). Regina is the founder and creative director of Harmony’s Family Cooperative and the owner of Women’s Integrative Massage, where she leads a team of clinical bodyworkers who support women in all life stages, specializing in the reproductive years. Regina enjoys cooking and sharing meals, moving to music with friends, exploring nature and all manner of growing and connecting with her immediate and extended tribes.

Terri Nishimoto, PT, CLT, PRPC

Terri Nishimoto PT, CLT, PRPC has been a physical therapist that has specialized in pelvic health physical therapy for over 25 years. Terri started her career studying neurological and movement disorders. She then focused on orthopedic issues and sports medicine. Her interest in movement and manual therapy led her to getting a certification in the Feldenkrais Method. In 1994 Terri’s first pregnancy launched her journey into pelvic health physical therapy. In addition to the Feldenkrais Method, she has received certifications in Functional Dry Needling, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Pelvic Health Rehabilitation. The last few years she has been studying visceral mobilization and neuroscience; she is fascinated with how our nervous system affects our behavior, movement, and emotions.

Kelley Warner, PT, DPT, OSC

Kelley treats a wide array of dysfunctions: diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction, low back/hip pain, sacroiliac/pubic symphysis dysfunction. She also offers education on preventative measures, appropriate exercises through these stages, labor prep, and pride ourselves on our community outreach and collaborating with other practitioners to ensure mama has all that she needs and deserves!