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It’s never too late to close a diastasis recti (the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle) without surgery! With a whole-body evidence-based approach, PIDR helps you heal your diastasis and rebuild your core strength. We use exercise, movement modifications, manual therapy and education to return your body to its optimal function.

While a diastasis is commonly seen in pregnancy and after childbirth, it can also occur in children as well as women and men of all ages. With a diastasis, you may experience:

  • Regular back pain
  • Being mistaken for an expecting mom, when you are not
  • Bloating with food or beverage intake
  • A belly pooch despite being reasonably fit elsewhere
  • Urine or gas leaking with daily activities or exercise
  • An umbilical hernia

Pregnancy is an ideal time to begin learning about diastasis so that you can keep the separation small during your pregnancy and have the core strength and support you need for the physical demands of pregnancy and delivery.

Learn more at www.PIDR.net.

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Free Belly Check (new clients only)

Every belly should be checked for a diastasis! During your free belly check we will determine the width of the diastasis and the health of the connective tissue. We will also use this time to answer your questions and help you decide which diastasis rehab program is right for you.

Private 6-Week Diastasis Rehab Program

This is a one-on-one program where we customize your sessions to help you heal your diastasis and strengthen your core so that you can get back to the activities you love. The program includes:

  • Three one-on-one sessions. One at Week 1 (90 mins.), Week 3 (60 mins.) and Week 6 (60 mins.)
  • The Tupler Technique® guidebook and Diastasis Rehab splint®
  • A kinesio taping session (if needed)
  • Three PEMF mat therapy sessions
  • Unlimited support throughout the 6 weeks to answer any questions and receive guidance through any road blocks
  • Free belly checks every 3 weeks through week 18

$375 (member rate $337.50)

Private Start

This is the same 90-minute session that is included in the Private 6-week Program above. You will learn the exercises and functional movements to begin healing your diastasis. Follow-up sessions are recommended every three weeks to check your progress and keep you moving forward until the diastasis recti is healed.

$150 (member rate $135)

Group Start

Save money while you connect and learn from others’ experiences.

Upcoming Group Start sessions:
Tuesday, May 28th from 12:45p – 3:00p
Thursday, June 20th from 10:30a – 12:45

To register, please email office@pidr.net with your full name, phone number and month you’d like to attend. Space is limited.

Group sessions will have a maximum of ten attendees. The Tupler Technique guidebook is included. Splints will be available for purchase if needed.

$75 (member rate $67.50)

Diastasis Rehab Follow-up

In this 45-minute session ​we will re-check your diastasis, teach progressions and discuss next steps. You can expect to see measurable results in just 3 weeks of your diastasis rehab program.

$70 (member rate $63)

Diastasis Recti Kinesio Taping

This session is for individuals who need kinesio tape application to approximate the recti. Taping is a definitive rehabilitative technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Latex-free and wearable for days at a time; safe for all populations; waterproof.

$15 (member rate $13.50)

Core Strength Training

A weak core can exist even without a diastasis recti. These 45-minute sessions will teach you exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your core and tone your abdominals. Strength, movement and postural assessments are used to create a series of exercises and movement modifications that will result in quick and measurable change.

$70 (member rate $63)

Prenatal Core Training

Pregnancy is one of the most important times to strengthen your core! By focusing on your core and pelvic floor now you can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy while learning tools for labor, delivery and postpartum healing. These 45-minute sessions will include exercises you can do at home to help you learn how to both strengthen and relax the abdominals and pelvic floor.

$70 (member rate $63)

About Brooke and Regina

Regina Rodriguez and Brooke Lewis are excited to bring Diastasis Recti awareness, education and rehab to the communities of Denver, CO. Partner’s In Diastasis Rehabilitation is a practice where the partnership focuses on educating medical and lay professionals on the latest risks, symptoms and research available on diastasis recti as well as teach assessment and rehab options for the condition. Additionally, each partner is trained in the Tupler Technique® program; a non-surgical solution to healing diastasis recti. Together Regina and Brooke offer a full breadth of services aimed at creating sustained wellness for women in all life stages, from clinical massage to fitness training including diastasis recti modifications.

Learn more at www.PIDR.net 

Read NPR’s article on how exercise can heal a diastasis recti.