Shana Rose – Your 365 Food Coach

My approach is to get an overall view of my client’s habits, behaviors and stressors and then determine the place an anti-inflammatory food plan has in their overall lifestyle. Sometimes, we can quickly use lifestyle hacks such as food choices, intermittent fasting, supplements or even lab tests to go deep to determine vitamin and mineral levels. Other times my client and I have to look at the big picture, and look beyond the details of your lifestyle and, instead, focus on self-love.

You’ll be learning to steer a careful course between all the possible interventions and the degree to which you adhere to them because if you are at all like me, if you somehow don’t do it right—if, for instance, you don’t use the right supplements or you don’t keep up with the absolutely ideal exercise program or you fail to have the perfect lab results—you can feel bad about yourself and that does not create self-healing.

The bottom line is that you are in a process of self-healing. You will be contributing to the decisions we make. We’ll work together as a team. And we’ll always take into account all aspects of your well-being.

Once we have achieved some degree of symptom relief, we will work together to understand the real effect food and lifestyle choices have on your body. As you become more aware of the physical factors that are affecting your body, you will be able to recognize the signals your body is giving you. As a result, you will develop your innate intuition.

As we work on an eating plan that nourishes you—and a life and attitude that nurtures you—you’ll be able to develop the health and well-being you’ve been missing. At that point you will have the energy and focus for some of the other important aspects of your life.


Here’s where you start

I offer a complimentary 30-minute assessment to decide with you what our next steps together will be.

If you’re wondering if you’re ready to take the next step, don’t worry—I’ve likely been in your shoes.

Let’s take the next step together on your journey to wholeness, greater health and well-being!

My packages are designed to meet you wherever you are in your process. From my 2-Week Starter to my most intensive 6-Month Graduation Package, you can find what works best for your needs. You can always upgrade and once you’ve gone for Graduation, you can move on to my Platinum Lifestyle Membership.

2 Week Starter Program-$99.00

Two Consultations

Body Composition Analysis

Food Plan

3 Month Education-$499.00

Starter plan plus:

Bi-weekly consultations

2 Food grade supplements,

Support strategy

Grocery store walk

6 Month Graduation-$699.00

3 month plan plus graduation plan

Graduation plan designed specifically for you

Bi-weekly consultations

3 Food grade supplements

Support strategy

Grocery store walk

Membership Program-$50.00 a month

Monthly Support check-in

Annual lab work

15% off supplements

Monthly Body Composition Analysis

About Shana Rose

Shana Rose, 365 Food Coach is a Certified Integrated Nutritional Health Coach, Shana brings several lifetimes’ worth of experience to assisting her clients with their nutritional health needs. She brings a compassion that comes from her own journey with disordered eating and the resulting nutritional and physical deficits she needed to heal.
Her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition give her a well-rounded understanding of food and nutrition. Two years as the Lead Health Coach at Coherence Health and Wellness as well as her years working for Whole Foods gives her the practical understanding of the everyday life choices her clients face. Because she has faced all of those choices, too.
Finding the way to satisfy her enjoyment of food as well as meet her nutritional needs has brought her an ease with purchasing, preparing and eating healthy food that she longs to share with others. Shana tells her clients that food is a part of the love and joy of life and that doesn’t have to stop when we get healthy. In fact, she says, healthy tastes good and feels even better!