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Athey Pilates

Athey Pilates is for everyone – whether you are pregnant or postpartum, recovering from surgery, injury, or a debilitating condition, seeking pain relief and rehabilitation or wanting a more fit body. Athey Pilates will inspire and support you to reach and meet your goals, enhancing more than just the physical aspect of your life.

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Private Pilates for Strength and Vitality

Programs are customized so you reach your own personal goals and facilitate optimal vitality. Sessions are tailored to your ability and needs. Appropriate movements and techniques are geared toward gradual but lasting change. If practiced on a regular basis, Pilates has the power to transform and improve the quality of your life.

$82 (member rate $69.70)

Private Pilates for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

Physicians and Physical Therapists recognize and praise the benefits of Pilates. Athey Pilates’ unique body of work, with roots in classical Pilates, is distinguished by the instructors ability to help you understand your own body on a kinesthetic level. We listen, support and evaluate. Our goal is to empower you to develop awareness and encourage changes that restore  healthy movement, alleviate pain and prevent injury. We custom design a program just for you to address your individual needs to move pain free with greater ease, grace and confidence.

$82 (member rate $69.70)

Prenatal Pilates

These customized sessions will help to strengthen core muscles, reduce back pain, tone the pelvic floor, improve balance, and build awareness with relaxing and controlling breath — which is important for labor and birth. Our extensive knowledge of anatomy, fitness and rehabilitation, combined with a deep understanding of all stages of pregnancy, enables us to safely guide you through your first and subsequent pregnancies.

$82 (member rate $69.70)

Postpartum Pilates

Pilates is not only one of the best fitness programs for rebuilding your body after pregnancy, it also prepares your body for the demands of motherhood.  We understand the concept of meeting your body where it is during the postpartum period. We are well versed in working with postpartum women – listening, supporting and evaluating each individual body to safely encourage core strength and giving your body the support it needs for the physical demands of motherhood.

$82 (member rate $69.70)

About Kelly Athey

Kelly Athey is a gifted teacher who understands the uniqueness of each student. With 35 years experience in health, fitness and rehabilitation, Kelly has an exceptional ability to observe the body and intuitively know how to improve balance, strength and functional movement. She has developed a unique body of work with roots in classical Pilates to which she adds practical function-focused, clinical applications. A seasoned professional , Kelly spent 10 years in a clinical practice working among a skilled group of western and eastern trained doctors and movement experts, making her comprehensive approach to Pilates unique.

About Rachel Laley

Rachel is a second generation, classically trained Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates. She has always been dedicated to many forms of exercise, seeing the benefits of a holistic approach. First introduced to Pilates by her mother, who has been teaching for over a decade, she realized the positive impact it had on her everyday life & well-being. She now loves sharing her knowledge of Pilates with people of all ages and levels to help them maintain a healthy & happy lifestyle.