We offer Private (one-on-one) and Semi-Private (2 students with one instructor) Pilates training which includes equipment and mat work. We specialize in fitness, sports-specific enhancement, rehabilitation, pre-natal and postpartum Pilates.

Our bright and beautiful private studio has windows, uses UVC air cleaning and filtration technology, equipment is meticulously disinfected between sessions. These are unusual times so duets are limited to couples and all age home mates. WE WELCOME FIRST TIME CLIENTS!

We utilize only the finest Pilates equipment made by Balanced Body and offer many props and assists for a fun and safe session no matter what your age, condition or experience level. The Pilates approach to physical fitness focuses on balanced exercise techniques for toning, flexibility, and general body conditioning.

Our Pilates instructors are experienced and trained through the most comprehensive teacher training programs available, they work closely with the Harmony’s Family team and your other providers to create a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to restore your health, increase your strength or simply to maintain overall well-being. We promise you empathy, understanding and dedication on your path to achieving full vitality.

The Many Benefits of Pilates
  • Develops every aspect of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and endurance
  • Heightens body awareness
  • Enhances body control
  • Teaches correct muscle activation
  • Corrects posture and alignment
  • Facilitates optimal function of the internal organs
  • Improves balance and proprioception
  • Focuses on breathing and its related physical and psychological benefits
  • Offers a vehicle for concentration and focus
  • Promotes relaxation and the release of tension
  • Helps keep musculature and bone structure in an optimal state
  • Benefits pregnant women by providing a safe, effective, non-impact exercise activity
  • Serves as cross-training for athletic pursuits and daily activities
  • Distributes body mass more aesthetically (people report looking and feeling slimmer)
  • Provides a path to inner harmony through a finely tuned body


Private Pilates Session (60 min) — $90 per session
Private Pilates Session (30 min) — $50 per session
Semi-Private Pilates Session — $50 per person
5 Private Pilates Sessions — $425 ($85 per session)
10 Private Pilates Sessions — $800 ($80 per session)
20 Private Pilates Sessions — $1500 ($75 per session)

Private Pilates for Strength and Vitality

Programs are customized so you reach your own personal goals and facilitate optimal vitality. Sessions are tailored to your ability and needs. Appropriate movements and techniques are geared toward gradual but lasting change. If practiced on a regular basis, Pilates has the power to transform and improve the quality of your life.

Private Pilates for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

Physicians and Physical Therapists recognize and praise the benefits of Pilates. Working with our knowledgable instructors we will give you the ability to help you understand your own body on a kinesthetic level. We listen, support and evaluate. Our goal is to empower you to develop awareness and encourage changes that restore healthy movement, alleviate pain and prevent injury. We custom design a program just for you to address your individual needs to move pain free with greater ease, grace and confidence.

Prenatal Pilates

These customized sessions will help to strengthen core muscles, reduce back pain, tone the pelvic floor, improve balance, and build awareness with relaxing and controlling breath — which is important for labor and birth. Our extensive knowledge of anatomy, fitness and rehabilitation, combined with a deep understanding of all stages of pregnancy, enables us to safely guide you through your first and subsequent pregnancies.

Postpartum Pilates

Pilates is not only one of the best fitness programs for rebuilding your body after pregnancy, it also prepares your body for the demands of motherhood. We understand the concept of meeting your body where it is during the postpartum period. We are well versed in working with postpartum women – listening, supporting and evaluating each individual body to safely encourage core strength and giving your body the support it needs for the physical demands of motherhood.

About Laurie Carlson

Laurie Carlson is a Certified Pilates Instructor and PMA Continuing Education Provider. She has been teaching for over 18 years and has been a long time student of Cara Reeser and Laura Karpinski. She completed the first Kathy Grant Heritage training program in 2013 with Cara and Laura and is committed to sharing this information with her clients. She managed and taught at a Pilates Studio for over 9 years and then joined the Pilates Aligned Staff for 5 years. Laurie is excited to continue working with individuals and have more time to share her passion of Pilates with others. Her goal is to have fun while creating an exercise program specific for each client’s individual needs and fitness goals. She believes that Pilates is a journey of self-discovery and clients will take the skills they acquire in Pilates and incorporate them into every other activity.”

Laurie is in the Cherry Creek office on Tuesdays 10a-4p and Thursday afternoons. Contact Laurie with any questions or schedule changes LCPilatesForMe@gmail.com

About Allison Vega

Alli Vega is a PMA National Certified Pilates teacher and proud graduate of BASI Pilates, Body Arts and Sciences International, in Newport Beach,CA. She discovered Pilates when searching for a way to treat chronic pain associated with severe Osteoarthritis. The method worked, and she never looked back. Wanting to help others feel great and improve their quality of life she knew that she had to share the gift of Pilates with others! Alli’s gifts, as a teacher, lie in her understanding of movement and her empathy with pain. She has a unique ability to create safe and fun environments where clients can address their personal challenges and work to strengthen their bodies and attain their goals.  With her understanding of the body, Alli is able to recognize individual imbalances and to effectively communicate movement options and corrections to create flow and control for each of her clients in their own Pilates practices.

Alli has worked diligently to educate herself and to meet her own goal of truly helping others. Her immersion in the BASI philosophy is one of the areas she acknowledges as an important foundation for her skills and experience today. Currently a Master level trainer,  She has completed the BASI Comprehensive Apparatus Program not just once, but twice; the second time with the founder of BASI himself, Rael Isacowitz; has studied Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Men, and Pilates for the Mature client, Pilates for Pregnancy and audited the ProBridge Certification Program. Currently attending the BASI Legacy Program working towards graduating the Honors Program, her goal is to keep learning! Most recently Alli was certified by Live Life Pilates Pre/Post Natal Pilates Doula Program.  Alli is also a NASM certified Personal Trainer. She is committed to being the best teacher, student and trainer she can be in following her passion to move bodies well and into health. Please email alli@movemebrightlypilates.com to book or for more information for schedule.